Defense Ministry: China’s ADIZ not an expansion of airspace    2014-04-21 10:37:06

  China’s Defense Ministry has reaffirmed that the country’s newly announced Air Defense Identification Zone is NOT an expansion of China’s airspace.

  Defense Ministry spokesperson Geng Yansheng clarified at a press conference, that the ADIZ is not a "no-fly" zone, but has been established as a precaution to help China better defend national security. He said the zone is not aimed at any specific country or target. Geng reiterated that international airliners have been operating safely and normally since the establishment of the zone.

  Geng added that Japan established its air defense identification zone over four decades back and had in that period expanded it twice. He reiterated that Japan has no right to comment on China’s rightful setting up of its Air Defense Identification Zone.