Qingdao int’l naval fleet review rivets Indian media

China Military Online    2014-04-18 10:51:29

  BEIJING, April 15 (ChinaMil) -- Indian media said that the stealth frigate Shivalik made in India, along with naval ships from Pakistan, China and other countries, will conduct exercise together in China’s coastal waters in late April to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLAN).

  Reports on the website of the Hindustan Times said that the coming exercise will be held on April 23 and 24 in Qingdao. It is rare that two largest military forces in the world – the Chinese PLA and the Indian armed forces – would launch joint exercise.

  According to the report, China and India held a joint anti-terror training in southwest China last November, the third joint training between them. However, official exercises and interactions between the naval forces of the two countries are infrequent, although it is known to the rest of the world that the two naval forces are cooperating to strike pirates.

  In fact, the frigate Shivalik arrived at the port of Shanghai with other three Indian naval vessels in June, 2012, which was the first time for the four Indian naval vessels to reach a Chinese city.

  Before that, when the vessel Shivalik was cruising through the international waters in South China Sea from the Philippines to Korea, a Chinese frigate escorted it, which surprised many of the crew members on board. This Chinese naval vessel cruised with Shivalik for more than half a day.

  The report said that the imminent visit to China of the warship Shivalik would be regarded as one of the measures for the two countries in hope of incorporating military issue into the mutual trust measures adopted by the two sides.

  The Embassy of the Republic of India in China announced in a statement that “2014 is the ‘India-China Friendship and Exchange Year’, and ‘Shivalik’s visit highlights the friendly exchange of the two countries and the bilateral defense cooperation of two sides’.”

  According to the report, in February, Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi proposed to establish a dialogue mechanism between the two naval forces. The dialogue will cover a wide range of topics including humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

  The Hindu’s website published an article on April 11 saying that India has decided to send the stealth frigate Shivalik to the international maritime parade and the maritime exercise both held by China in Qingdao, east China’s Shandong province.

  The PLAN will hold the maritime parade and the maritime exercise in Qingdao, where the Headquarters of the PLAN’s North China Sea Fleet is based, and the PLAN will also celebrate its 65th founding anniversary there.

  Based on a temporary list, at least 10 countries are confirmed to attend the maritime parade and the maritime exercise, including India, Australia, Republic of Korea (ROK), New Zealand, Indonesia and Pakistan.

  The report also says that the event will also be a rare opportunity for Indian and Pakistani naval forces to participate in a joint maritime exercise.

  Meanwhile, the Western Pacific Naval Symposium will be held during the same period. China invites officials of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force to attend the symposium, but the Japanese naval officials and ships are not allowed to attend the maritime parade and the maritime exercise while the naval officials and ships of other countries are invited.

  The Indian Embassy in China said in a statement that the stealth frigate Shivalik will be open to public on April 22.